Forest of Dean and Wye Valley | Channel 4's tv series New Worlds was filmed in Beechenhurst, in the Forest of Dean
Beechenhurst was recently used for filming Channel 4's tv series New Worlds.
New Worlds, Channel 4, filming location, beechenhurst, forest of dean
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New Worlds (2014) Channel 4

Starring: Pip Carter, Phil Cheadle

A drama series about settlers to America in the 17th century, New Worlds constructed a fort on the open picnic ground and populated the set with actors bearing muskets and actors sporting mohicans as part of their portrayal of native Americans.

Beechenhurst has a large open ground bordered by a treeline. It could almost be the eastern seaboard of America and the kind of site where pioneers might settle which is exactly how Beechenhurst was recently used when Channel 4 tv series New Worlds arrived for filming.

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